Paper or Plastic?

Paper or plastic? Many restaurants face this question each and every year when deciding upon menu covers and placemats. The throw away costs of paper menus and paper placemats often add up, knowing that paper menu’s rip, get dirty and might last a week at best. Paper placemats are always a once and done solution and many restaurant managers are turning to an inexpensive vinyl menu cover to protect their printed menu cards.

A clear double pocket menu cover is often a simple solution and for just a few dollars, the benefit of a more sturdy investment can soon be realized. With good care, a plastic or vinyl menu cover can last 2-3 years and sturdy leather-lke placemats can last even longer.

Call your menu cover supplier if you have questions, they should be able to help you understand the value of plastic over paper and help you reduce your menu and placemat costs.

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Keeping Your Menu Covers Clean

Keeping your Menu Covers clean can certainly help extend the life of your investment. We recommend wiping your menus down at the end of the night with a soft damp cloth and warm water. See our complete Menu Cover cleaning, storage suggestions and general information at

So it may seem quite strange to know that we recently sent several different orders of menu covers to a car wash/auto spa and a service center at a car dealership!  A quick rinse maybe?  A little wax and interior polish?

Not so fast….

Truth be told, our Cafe Style clear vinyl menus were first chosen as the best solution for a car wash and Auto Spa to hold job tickets and service menus in an environment where paper menus were not holding up. Then, we also saw used car dealers and car service centers use these same menus/sleeves. The extra protection of a vinyl sleeve is a logical solution for this application. A Leatherette, Nylon or Clear Vinyl binding provides options for the toughest of environments and certainly taught the folks here at The Menu Cover Store that your average Menu Cover isn’t always what it seems.

vinyl menu covers clear vinyl menu cover with insert

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Happy Holidays From The Menu Cover Store

A special thank you goes out to all the associates and customers of The Menu Cover Store for your business in 2010. We’ve had the great pleasure of meeting and exceeding your Menu Cover needs this year and we wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous holiday season and continued success in 2011.

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Need New Menu Covers In Time For The Holidays?

Wishing for new Menu Covers this holiday season and not sure whether they’ll arrive on time? The Menu Cover Store has a great selection of discount case made and vinyl menu covers that are in stock and can ship the same day. Spruce up the presentation of your menu with a fresh look and show off the style and class of your restaurant with a discount menu cover from The Menu Cover Store. We’re ready to take your order and ship your products this week, so don’t wait, take advantage of our in-stock menus and receive Free Shipping with your order of $200 or more.

Charleston 2 Page Menu Cover

Charleston 2 Page - In Stock in Various Colors

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I can’t believe we forgot to order menu covers!

It seems that for every handful of menu cover orders that come through our doors, we get a last minute exasperated call from the restaurant owner or manager who simply forgot to order menu covers…..”and we open on Monday and I need them yesterday” is usually what comes next. We also get the call from the owner who thought the designer of the menu inserts was also providing a nice menu cover…..that’s not the case in most instances and it leaves the restaurant manager in a precarious position. Well, have no fear, we have several solutions at hand that have gotten many, many restaurants through the stress of that grand opening. We carry a range of menu covers in stock at and we love helping out those restaurants in a pinch. Whether it’s a cafe style vinyl menu style you need or something more classy and elaborate, give us a call and we’d enjoy saving the day by quick-shipping your menu cover solution.

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Sample the menu first!

If you’re in the market for new menu covers, whether you’re opening a new restaurant or spicing up your menu items with a fresh look and new covers, take your time, and get it right. In many cases, that means getting a sample or samples to see and touch the quality of the material. This is a big investment and you should be discussing your needs with your vendor, who, in turn, should do their research on your restaurant and provide you with options and solutions to fit your needs. The right choice of menu covers should embody your establishment, and speak volumes about your restaurant beyond the few pages it contains. At The Menu Cover Store, we pride ourselves on being a resource for our clients and working towards finding the perfect solution to their needs. Start the process by viewing the website, then call for your free sample. We’re focused on helping you make the right choice.

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